Monday, March 1, 2010

Milk Chocolate G1 Sitting My Little Ponies- Available for Easter!

I recently tried my hand at candy making and am happy with the results! I am bound to try some new designs soon, but I have decided to offer solid milk chocolate G1 My Little Ponies for sale for a limited time to board members and blog visitors in time for the Easter holiday and Easter baskets. I figured that a sitting chocolate pony in an egg was as close as I am ever going to get to mint in egg Greek Ladybird!

Each pony is crafted entirely out of milk chocolate, wrapped in cellophane, tied with a pretty ribbon and placed in a plastic egg case for presentation (and protection during shipping). The pony is the same size as a G1 sitting pony. I will be taking up to 10 orders via email to and may open orders up again once I finish the first batch if there is time. The cost of each chocolate pony is $20 plus shipping. I apologize for the high cost, but these girls take quite a bit of chocolate and even more time!

I can also add Wilton Pearl finish and finish off the eyes (both done with entirely edible products) to get a finished product like this but it may cost a bit more.

I hope you all like them!

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Laura said...

they are gorgeous, your very talented.