Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Currently MIA from "Ponyland"

I've been out of the pony loop! For the past three weeks I've been attempting to catch up on all the work that was lost when my computer crashed (which is still not fixed despite multiple appointments with the HP guy). It is a slow process since I'm also adjusting to getting back to work after summer break and attending nightly rehearsals for a musical production of Children of Eden.

While I would love to be blogging about Rainbow Dash's Rainbow House at length (adorable!), I'm strapped for time. Here is a nice discussion thread on the MLPTP.net for those of you that may want to read further comments on this playset.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Pow! Zoom! My Little Pony Power!

The 2007 Comic Con Exclusive I traded for finally arrived yesterday afternoon. She's even better than I thought she'd be. Kudos to the Hasbro design team on this one for totally thinking outside the pink box. She's such a bright and unique pony. Not to mention I adore her little lace-up super pony boots and mask. I'm really impressed with the amount of creativity that was put into this pony. Great job Hasbro!

Saturday, August 11, 2007


You would think that I've had my fill of MLP after the Fair, and in a way I have. Still, as I'm organizing accessories I've made a huge list of everything I'm still missing from my collection. In addition to stalking Ebay, I recently posted on the Arena's Wanted to Buy board so feel free to check it out if you have anything, and I mean ANYTHING from that list please let me know. I do still have an extra Fair exclusive to trade off as well...

Oh, in case you were wondering, the computer files were not able to be rescued. Basically this means I'm about 3 weeks behind where I wanted to be and I have to retake and enhance close to 200 pictures. :(

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

2007 Fair Aquistions!

I snapped a few group shots of all the new pony items I brought home with me from the Memphis Fair. Included are UK Plush Honeycomb, a complete set of Mint on Card TAF Ponies, Licensing Show Rarity, Dream Beauties, Petites, Fair Exclusives, and a slew of accessories. I should be working today, but the new laptop I bought doesn't have Word loaded and my search for my Microsoft disks have proved unsuccessful thus far. Hopefully, my files will be recovered by the weekend and I'll be able to get Word and Adobe Photoshop up and running again.

Monday, August 6, 2007

I'm back and exhausted!

I finally returned home from my extended vacation and I am beyond tired! In addition to traveling to Memphis for the My Little Pony Fair, we also traveled to New York and Washington D.C. It was a great trip, but it will take a day or two to fully recover. On top of my exhaustion, I'm also dealing with the fact that my primary computer decided to crash the night before we left for Tennessee. This would be the computer that housed all my pony-related files. Luckily, I backed up all but the last 3 weeks worth, so I'm not starting over from scratch if we are unable to recover them. Still, it is a HUGE inconvenience.

A few highlights from the 2007 Memphis Pony Fair with hopes to add some photos as soon as this computer business gets sorted out:

Hasbro brought original backcard concept art and original line art to show and I had the opportunity to chat with the Hasbro girls about the MLP line. They were so sweet and informative!

I sold all copies of The My Little Pony G3 Collector's Inventory that I took with me to the event. I got to meet lots of terrific collectors as I signed their books. There were even a few international collectors who flew in for the event.

I managed to film Michelle Paolino's speech about the direction of the MLP line.

I was invited to play Pony Jeopardy and I won!

The plush ponies I made won ribbons in the art competitions including: First Place (Music Themed), People's Choice First (Music Themed), Second Place (Hasbro Art), People's Choice Second (Hasbro Art), and Honorable Mention (Hasbro Art).

There was lots of fun had on Bealle Street involving frozen drinks, Medley, and Photo Hunt pictures.