Monday, May 31, 2010

2010 My Little Pony Fair Exclusive Pony Details and Pricing!

As you may already be aware, The My Little Pony Fair will offer a unique exclusive pony figure for sale at this year’s event. We are thrilled about the design that Hasbro created for us. Collectors at last year’s event requested a green pony and Hasbro listened and delivered!

We have received multiple questions about how the 2010 Exclusive Pony will be distributed. This year’s My Little Pony Fair Exclusive Pony will be available for purchase at the 2010 My Little Pony Fair on July 17th and 18th in Louisville, Kentucky. Attendees who order their tickets to the event online before July 5, 2010 will receive one Exclusive Pony voucher per paid ticket in their registration packets. This voucher guarantees the ticket holder the opportunity to purchase 1 exclusive pony before sales are open to other attendees.

Once sales are open to attendees who purchased their tickets at the door, persons who redeemed vouchers may reenter the line and purchase additional Exclusive Ponies.

It should also be mentioned that this year, the My Little Pony Fair has half as many exclusive ponies available for purchase as in previous years. If you are not attending the event and wish to get an exclusive pony you might want to find a “Fair buddy” who is willing to purchase and ship to you.

This year’s exclusive comes packaged in a unique Art Pony box. The price of this year’s exclusive will be the same as last year’s Exclusive Pony, $35.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pinkie has Quite the Pout

I saw this picture of animated Pinkie Pie posted by Gaspode over at the Arena and while the concept seems really cute. I can't get over the size of her lips. Do ponies even have lips? I'm hoping that it is just the lighting in the picture and they aren't so pronounced.

Here's the item description: Anytime is perfect for story time with Pinkie Pie! She knows all the stores and songs from Ponyville and can't wait to share them with you. Watch her come alive as her mouth moves with every word she says. Includes 4 colour storybooks.

Apologies for being a little light on the posting lately, but I've been feeling under the weather and the school year is winding down and as a teacher that means insanity. :)

If you haven't already purchased your tickets for My Little Pony Fair 2010, head over to the MLP Fair website and get them. There are pictures of the 2010 Fair exclusive pony on there as well to swoon over.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

New Translucent Ponyville Ponies

These recently showed up on Ebay from a seller in China, so we don't know when or where they will be released, but I'm digging the translucent bodies!