Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Highway 127 Yard Sale!

I am finally caught up on mailing out 2010 Fair Exclusive Ponies to everyone that has ordered so far. It is a big relief! I don't know how those Ebay power sellers do it. It is a little exhausting keeping everything straight with addresses, shipping, and tracking but I managed to do it! Thanks so much to everyone who ordered a pony. I'm so happy to get them out of my house!

If you are like me, you are currently trying to stay cool. I've spent time at the pool this week as well as catching up on episodes of True Blood. Tomorrow, however, I'm hitting the road (and the heat) with my mom to attend the Hwy 127 yard sale. For those who aren't aware, this annual yard sale stretches from Michigan to Alabama and is great for bargain hunting and people watching. Who knows what I'll find, but it's a a fun way to spend my last few days of summer vacation. Last year, I went with my aunt and it was an adventure! I start back to work on Monday and all I can think is "Where did my summer go?"

Have a great weekend and drink a fruity drink for me since sadly, alcohol consumption is off limits for me this summer.