Wednesday, March 23, 2011

2010 MLP Exclusive Fair Ponies for sale through MLP Convention Website!

I have added the remaining 2010 Exclusive Fair Ponies on the Convention website after taking a break from sales for a few months. If you haven't purchased your pony yet, you may want to make your purchase. The supply is rapidly dwindling and after they're gone you won't easily be able to get your hands on this beautiful pony.

Purchase the 2010 Exclusive Fair Pony from the MLP Fair Shop!

Monday, March 21, 2011

My Little Pony Fair Lunch Tickets and Ice Cream Social Tickets Now Available!

Ticketing information for purchasing lunch catered by the Hasbro Cafe on Saturday July 9th during the Fair has been added! The Hasbro catering staff has put together a Build Your Own Sandwich option that includes an assortment of lean deli meats, grilled chicken breast, and chicken salad, regular and low-fat cheese with lettuce, tomato, whole wheat and white bread, sandwich rolls, tortillas and regular and low-fat spreads. This lunch also includes a Hasbro house salad, dessert bars (An assortment of blondies, brownies with walnuts or lemon bars), chips, and assorted beverages. The cost is $10.99 per person and all lunch orders/reservations must be purchased before June 8, 2011 so we have time to get the final lunch count to Hasbro catering.
Purchasing lunch is optional, but we wanted to provide an option onsite for attendees since there are very limited restaurants within walking distance to Hasbro. Plus, who wants to leave in the middle of the Fair?!

Tickets for the Build Your Own Sandwich lunch can be purchased through this eventbrite link:

We have also added free tickets for the After Hours My Little Pony Ice Cream Social to be held Saturday night after the Fair from 6 to 7pm at the Renaissance Hotel. Tickets are currently only available for Renaissance Hotel Guests until April 30th. You must reserve a ticket through our Eventbrite ticketing system, and show your hotel key card and MLP Fair event badge to attend and qualify for a free ticket. If additional tickets remain after April 30th they will be released for purchase to non Renaissance Hotel guests.
Tickets for the After Hours My Little Pony Ice Cream Social can be reserved through the following eventbrite link:
Additional information including Fair start and end times, motor coach times and assignments, the Friday night After Hours Event (details are still being hashed out), and the possible addition of a few more booths designated as "extra booth space" will come as soon as we have confirmation from Hasbro.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me and I will try my best to answer them.
Can't wait to see you in July at the MLP Fair!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day

So I was going to post a photo of Minty or Clover to celebrate, but I'm using my husband's laptop and don't have them handy. I do however, have this photo of London available. Have a great St. Patrick's Day! I'm off to get a shamrock shake!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Reviewing Billy The Unicorn

I was contacted earlier this week by San Francisco book publisher, Immedium, to review Billie The Unicorn by author Brianne Drouhard. The illustrations are wonderful (which is no shock since Brianne has worked as an animator on several cartoon network shows). The unicorns in the story have a slight resemblance to the My Little Pony characters in the new Friendship is Magic animated series. The central character,Billie, even wears a straw hat similar to Applejack. Brianne Drouhard spins a heartfelt tale of adventure, magic and whimsy that leaves you wanting more. Her beautiful illustrations transport you into a world you’ll want to visit again and again.

Billie The Unicorn will be available in hardback April 2011! For additional details about this charming book, visit

I also took a look at the author's website and she has a bunch of her drawings and concepts posted. I'm finding myself wondering what this talented author and illustrator will be working on next!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Yum! Pony Wedding Cake

I've had some extra time on my hands in the evenings since Baby London is finally on a sleeping schedule-Hooray! Tonight, while I was organizing one of my online photo accounts and I came across this photo of my wedding cake from the summer of 2004.

I'm thinking of getting a large print of it and hanging it in my office. I would hang it in the pony room,  but wall space is premium real estate in there and there just isn't any extra space. I still have multiple storage tubs and boxes of pony items in our unfinished storage area in the basement waiting for the day when we hire a contractor and make it into the ultimate Pony Room.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

MLP Fair Bus Reservations/Tickets Now Available!

Since on site parking at Hasbro is limited and there are no hotels within walking distance to Hasbro, The My Little Pony Fair has rented a large motor coach to take Fair attendees to and from the Fair at Hasbro. It will leave from and return to the Renaissance Hotel.

Guests staying at the Renaissance Hotel qualify for free transportation aboard a motor coach to and from Hasbro on Friday and Saturday. Renaissance Hotel Guests must both reserve a ticket for their seat and must show their hotel key card upon boarding to verify they are staying at the Renaissance Hotel.

Guests staying at other area hotels or parking their own vehicles in Providence are welcome to ride the motor coach, but will be charged a $5 fee. The ticket will allow you to ride the motor coach both Friday and Saturday.

Reservations for seats aboard the motor coach are limited. Please reserve your ticket early to insure there is a seat available. There is space under the motor coach for vendor bags/suitcases. The motor coach will board at the Renaissance Hotel. Times TBA.

Transportation tickets can be reserved/purchased through our ticketing system:

The motor coach holds 55 people and there will be most likely 2 trips before the activities begin and 2 at the end of each day (to accommodate up to 110 people). Before the event, those who signed up for the motor coach will receive a time and be assigned to a group (Ex: Group A or Group B) Group A will consist of Vendors for set up and Group B will be those without booth space. Both will arrive before the Fair activities begin. At the end of Saturday, Group B will go back first to give Group A (vendors) additional time to pack up.