Friday, January 27, 2012

Hasbro To Release a Boy G4 Pony!

This new My Little Pony Playset called "Pony Princess Wedding Castle" is expected to be released summer of 2012.

Included are Princess Cadence and Shining Armour (who happens to be a BOY!) Considering how often collectors have lamented over there not being any male ponies in the G3 or G4 lines, I bet there are going to be some excited pony fans once they hear this news!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Do you have your costume ready?

Last summer, the My Little Pony Fair hosted a costume parade and contest where Fair attendees dressed up in pony themed outfits and strutted their stuff. I really enjoyed watching this event and can't wait to see what our participants will come up with this year!

If you are looking for a pony themed wig, check out Head Kandi by Cyber Falls. They currently have Applejack, Rarity, and Big Macintosh wigs, but accept custom orders as well. Fun stuff!

Friday, January 20, 2012

The Search for Meghan's Ponies

While on vacation, I received the following message from a mother who is trying to locate her daughter's (who is now an adult) pony collection. It is a sad story and if this were my brother we'd be having some words. Anyway, thought I'd pass it along via blog post.

Dear Summer,

I am writing to let you know about something awful that happened to my daughter. She is 30 now, but played with her beloved My Little Ponies when she was a child in the 80s for hundreds of hours. They have been stored safely in a box in her room for years while she has been teaching overseas.

At Christmas, her brother came home, supposedly to help me clean out the garage, as my health is not good. I told him and my daughter told him that her My Little Pony collection was NOT to be touched, but he was in a very angry mood. He not only threw out my entire DVD collection and about half my CD's, he ripped the box of My Little Ponies, anywhere from 50 to 100 of them; I can't remember, from my hands, saying he just talked to his sister in Finland and she didn't want them anymore. I instantly called her in Finland and she practically had a nervous breakdown. I ran out and he had taken my car and was gone. I assumed he donated them to Goodwill, like he did the DVDs, but they have been very good and very honest with me, giving me back about 60 of my DVDs they hadn't sold yet, and they told me they hadn't received any My Little Pony donations, and indeed, there were none for sale in their store.I then went tearing back home, thinking my son put the pony box in the Bagster, and sure enough he did, but as I drove up, I saw a woman grab them and drive off with them.
She came back day after day and I asked her for my daughter's collection back, but she says she doesn't know what I was talking about. I finally told her if she returned I would call the police.
This woman was driving an expensive car and dressed expensively, so it is my belief she is going to try and sell this collection, perhaps on ebay, maybe through private channels. If we could recover even three or four, it would go a love way toward healing my daughter's heart.
My daughter always wrote her initials, MES for Meghan Elizabeth Smith, in permanent marker on the bottom of one hoof, and the pony's name on another hoof, so that is how they can be identified as hers. Can you help me spread the word among the My Little Pony collecting community, and if anyone runs across a pony with the initials "MES," written on the hoof, could I be notified so I can buy it back for her? She is just brokenhearted and in tears at the thought that her most beloved childhood toys were taken from her, and I am brokenhearted not only for that, but also for the cruel and heartless and dishonest behavior of her brother.
My son got the garage clean alright, but in the process I lost priceless family heirlooms and thousands of dollars in antique lace and pearl buttons. (I used to design and make doll clothes.) To see these wealthy women dumpster diving in my poor little neighborhood just made me sick. I would chase them off and and bring as much as I could back inside, but they just parked around the corner, and the moment I went inside they were back stealing whatever they could grab from the dumpster. It was pretty horrifying.
But the thing that is killing me the most is my beloved daughter losing her carefully preserved My Little Pony collection after all these years, for no reason other than the meanness of her brother, I will never understand it.
Can you help me spread the word and maybe, if my prayers are answered, and with the help of the good people of the My Little Pony world, we can get her at least a few of her ponies back.
Thank you,
Pat Smith
writing as Fat Cat on Blogger
 If you see ponies for sale with the seller's zip code of
 77380 0r 77381, they are likely from my daughter's collection and I
 would appreciate knowing about it so I can approach the seller and
 get them back, either through the goodness of their hearts or by
 paying for them.
Who knows? The mother lives in Texas. Maybe a few of her ponies may find their way into the hands of collectors and back to Meghan.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hurry and book your room at the Rosen Plaza for MLPFair 2012!

Hey Fair Goers!

I just checked with the Rosen Plaza Hotel and they told me that they have less than 15 rooms left in our room block for Saturday night. They have no additional rooms available for Saturday, so once the block fills up, there will not be any more rooms added. In other words, if you plan on staying at the host hotel (where the Fair is being held), you had better act fast and make your reservations. Fair guests staying at the Rosen Plaza will receive a special My Little Pony Fair key card and I'm working on getting you some extra goodies as well!

Call 1-800-627-8258 to make your reservations and tell them you want the special MY LITTLE PONY FAIR ANNUAL CONVENTION block room rate. Additional details can be found on the Fair website. See you in July!

Mission: Organization

I just returned from my vacation where I spent time basking in the Florida sunshine but was greeted with snow and bitter cold upon my arrival home. It was a lovely trip full of beach reading, swimming, and walking along the shoreline.

Now that I'm home and it is officially the start of my new year, I have a series of To-Do lists that need to be acknowledged. The first and most pressing item is tackling the mess that is my office. I spent the whole of yesterday sorting, filing, and organizing. It is almost finished and I owe it all to this:

Seriously. I picked up one of these labelers while I was Office Depot replacing my 10 year old 3 in 1 printer that died a slow and painful death, and it has provided me with new found motivation to sort and organize. Plus, I picked up some fun pink labeling tape that I'll be using to label all of my individual pony accessory bags. The possibilities are endless!

I had a bunch of loose MLP Fair Promo cards and Friendship is Magic giveaway items that needed a home so I placed them in some plastic storage drawers and slapped on a label and now it brings a smile to my face just looking at them all neatly organized in their new home. It's the little things right?
If you look to the right, you can see one of the floral wall murals that will soon be no more. I just need to commit to a paint color. Suggestions?

I realize that this whole, "It's a new year and I'm going to get organized" thing is cliche, but if you had seen my office a few days ago, I'm pretty sure you would have suggested I hop aboard the organization bandwagon. So with my new P-touch labeler in one hand, and my to-do lists in the other, I say, "Bring it 2012."

Monday, January 16, 2012

Out with the Old and in with the New!

It is a new year and that means the My Little Pont Fair is gearing up for the 2012 convention. It also means that we need to clear out some of our old stock to get ready for this year's awesome merchandise! All 2012 My Little Pony Fair T-shirts have been marked down to $10 (2X and 3X are $12). We also have a handful of 2010 shirts available as well. Sizes are limited and are listed in our Fair Shop.

 We have extended our sale on the 2011 Exclusive pony as well so you can snag one for $10 off the regular price. If you haven't purchased her yet, you need to act now. We have sold out of our stock of 2010 Exclusive ponies and she is no longer available for purchase.