Friday, July 13, 2007

More New Ponies On the Way!

Start saving your pennies. Redb on reported that The Big Bad Toy Store located online at recently posted pictures and and listed names of new ponies and Ponyville sets! Included are a new Star Catcher with molded wings among others. Also, US collectors who did not import the Rainbow Princess Castle that was packaged with short hair Rarity may be in luck as it looks like she will finally be available stateside! In addition, three new Ponyville sets were listed: "Birthday Afternoon", "Bumper Car", and "Rain Or Shine Pack." Hopefully pictures will pop up soon. The Big Bad Toy Shop also lists Sodafloat, Paradise Island, and Chocolate Chipper as soon to be available.

I just recently tracked down the new scented ponies, collector editions, and Ponyville sets. After a a long new pony drought, we seem to be flooded with them once again.

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