Monday, July 16, 2007

Life Inside the Bubble..AKA the MOC Nightmare

If I have to squint at another MOC picture today I think I’ll go insane. Matching up accessories to MOC and MIB ponies and then comparing what I think I see to what other collectors think they see is exhausting. I’ve been working on my computer all day and I think it is time to take a break.

Special thanks to BrickHeaven for answering my second release Moondancer accessory question I posted earlier on the boards.

In addition to organizing brushes, ribbons, combs, and the myriad of other tiny pieces that seem to taunt me, I’m in the middle of putting together an insanely detailed list of every tiny item I’m missing. My hope is that I get it finished before I leave for Memphis.

I’m starting to see the ridiculousness in all of this. I mean seriously, who spends their summer vacation photographing and documenting toy ponies. Um yeah…that would be me.

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Cayci said...

Hey, that's something I would do if I had completed my US collection. It's good to have goals. :-)