Sunday, August 3, 2008

Upcoming Events

I realize things have been very quiet on the My Little Pony Collector Blog recently and I hope to be back to posting regularly very soon. I have had to divert my attention and to a few other things over the past few weeks and it has left me with little time and zero energy to blog.

I did want to mention a few collector events that have caught my attention:

First, the Virginia Pony Meet will take place on August 23rd in Virginia Beach. More info can be found here. I will not be in attendance this year since I have quite a bit on my plate, but I do know several of the people who will be in attendance and they are quite lovely so if you live in or around Virginia Beach and collect ponies, it should be a good time.

Next, I wanted to be sure to mention was that one of the organizers for the Australian Pony Fair is holding a raffle to raise money for this year's event in Brisbane. There are multiple prizes (including complete sets of G1 princess ponies) and the tickets are very reasonable, so if you are into raffles you may want to check it out here.


Daniel said...

Hi! sorry to intrude but I was wondering if you could answer me a question I have had for years! Do my little ponies have magical powers apart from the ability to fly. I really need to settle this debate! Thankyou.

Sysla said...

Hi! You've a great collection! Can I ask you a favor? I'm italian and when I was very young my father bought me a pony, I already got it. Now I see evry pony has got a name, but I don't now the name of mine, I always called it JAM. Can you help me please? Under one hoof it's write 1985, I published its photo at Do you know its name? It don't mind if you don't remember. Thank you a lot for listening!

Summer said...

The name of the pony you're wondering about is called Raspberry Jam. :-)

Sysla said...

Thank you very much Summer! : )