Sunday, June 26, 2011

Alter Ego Jewelry designer Erika Walton Creates Funky Pony Pieces!

Erika Walton who is the designer of Alter Ego pays homage to nostalgic characters including superheros, Looney Toons, and My Little Pony by incorporating them in her fun and funky jewelry designs. Her pieces may be loud and flashy, but deep down you have to admit that given the right occasion (The My Little Pony Fair and Convention) you know you'd love to flaunt one of her designs around your neck. It would definitely garner some attention from other fans!

I think Erika needs to show off her designs at The My Little Pony Fair. I want to see these crazy pieces in person.

Visit Alter Ego and see all of her pony designs.


kim23 said...

wow...what a beautiful necklace! I would like to wear it! In my opinion, Erika Walton is a great designer jewelry! thanks for this post, Summer!

Unknown said...

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