Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pinkie Pie's Pie Hole

The other day while I was in Target, I spotted this...

A Pinkie Pie bubble machine complete with My Little Pony bubble solution! I haven't found anything new in my area for awhile so I happily added her to my cart to fulfill my pony fix. Plus, I rationalized to myself that my 5 and a half month old would love the bubbles. When we got home, I rushed outside with my husband carrying the baby, to try out Pinkie.  I pulled the trigger on her tail which raises her head up and bubbles came spewing out of her mouth. I found this very amusing since it reminded me of those cartoons where the character swallows a bar of soap, and if a pony was going to swallow a bar of soap, it would be Pinkie Pie.

While I delighted in the bubbles coming out of Pinkie Pie's Pie Hole, London was not impressed.

Let this be a lesson: My Little Pony purchases can not be rationalized no matter how hard I try.

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