Monday, November 13, 2017

A Pop of Pony Color: ColourPop My Little Pony Collection Review

My Little Pony did a fun collaboration with ColourPop and the results are magical! I purchased the whole collection which came with a cute old school tote, My Little Pony make up brushes, a sticker sheet, and metallic makeup bag embellished with the My Little Pony Logo.

I was so excited when my box arrived and couldn't wait to tear into it! ColourPop packaged their items very well with plenty of packing foam in a sturdy package to be sure everything arrived intact.

The My Little Pony product packaging is gorgeous and features retro ponies which speak directly to my collector heart! Inside, each product continues with the Pony theme with outlines of pony characters, and artwork. The eyeshadow pallet is my personal favorite, decorated with popular ponies from the past.

Each product shade is cleverly named to pay homage to the line with shades like Dream Castle, Flutter Valley, and Minty among others.

While, some of the shades are a little bright and bold for my personal taste, there is definitely something for every preference in this collection.

My only complaint with this collection would have to be that the color shade names seem to have been randomly assigned. It would make far more sense for the color shade to share an attribute with its namesake, Pony.

Here's a quick photo of my post Pony-Product make up session, because I couldn't resist playing with this stuff! (Don't mind my messy hair.)

I'll be gifting some ColorPop My Little Pony lip gloss on the My Little Pony Fair Facebook page. Just find the contest post and comment the secret words: Pony Pucker. I will be randomly choosing a couple of winners later this week.

Good luck and Happy Pony Collecting!


Zoe Love said...

Pony pucker. I love these all so much they pretty x

emilievan25 said...

pony pucker all the way!!!! thanks for the cool review!!! my litle pony retro are the best