Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The MY LITTLE PONY Fair- Through the Years (San Francisco 2006)

Long before I took over running the MY LITTLE PONY Fair, I was a loyal attendee. I packed my bags and every year traveled from one coast or the other to spend a fun filled weekend full of ponies with fellow collectors. In 2006, the My Little Pony Fair traveled to San Francisco and I hopped on a plane with two of my pony collector friends (Mary and Amber) for what turned out to be a fun and crazy weekend. I had never been to San Francisco before despite spending part of my childhood living in California, so it was fun to check out the sights. We spent some time in Chinatown, had some awesome food and were treated to an impromptu jam session in our hotel room by Sebby's friend. Video exists of this trip and I really need to find it. Seriously, it is some good stuff!

It was still the early days of the Fair and attendance wasn't great, but we still found plenty of things to buy.

 I was invited to give a book talk on my original G3 book (which was later picked up, expanded, and published by Priced Nostalgia Press under the Collector's Inventory Series).

This was also the first year of Pony Jeopardy. I came in second in the competition and made it my goal to win first place the next year (which I did!)

SpottedSlug brought an adorable Bubbles costume for photos and we all enjoyed hamming it up for the cameras with a Pony.

The MY LITTLE PONY Fair sure has come a long way since the early days!

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