Thursday, April 19, 2012

My Little Pony Brides and Grooms Throughout History

Since the My Little Pony world is all a buzz with Princess Cadence and Shinning Armor's upcoming nuptials, I thought it would be fun to view My Little Pony brides and grooms throughout history.

We must (of course) start at the beginning with G1 which had many a bride, but only one groom!

Satin 'n Lace and Tux 'n Tails (also known as Coat 'n Tails) were the original Pony wedding couple. They also appeared on the the top of my wedding cake (seriously!) They were sold through a special wedding mail order pamphlet. I wonder, does that makes Satin 'n Lace a mail order bride?!

According to this pamphlet insert, they were married in "Cinderella's Palace". I think that may trump Princess Cadence and Shining Armor's Wedding Castle.

These ponies appeared in several different pamphlets (Satin 'n Lace in different versions including Lavender, So Soft, and Magenta and Tux 'n Tails under his other alias, Coat 'n Tails). My favorite naming appears in a french pamphlet in which his name is completely disregarded and he is simply called, "Fiance."


Don't forget to add in Lucky the Stallion (Satin 'n Lace's cousin who served as a ring barer) and Baby Bridesmaid to round out the wedding party.

In the UK, they got  Wedding Bells Confetti (in a different pose than her regular US release) dressed up in a gown ready to wed.

There were also two markedly thinner pony brides later in the G1 line, Pony Bride and Bridal Beauty. I guess they choose to loose those few extra pounds before their jaunts down the aisle.

And we mustn't forget Novia, the bride sold exclusively in Argentina.

Then we come to the G2 My Little Pony, Wednesday Afternoon Bride and Dainty Dove. Curiously, neither had access to a groom and poor Dainty Dove even came with a wedding chapel.

Not to be outdone by previous generations, G3 had lovely Wysteria in all her wedding finery.

Did I mention I'm excited to see the My Little Pony Wedding this Saturday at 1:00 PM on the HUB network?

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