Friday, March 16, 2012

Ponies + Chemistry = Win!

I don't normally post about pony related artwork. While I appreciate the work that went into it, unless it is official MLP artwork or in the same style as official MLP artwork, I don't typically care for it. With that said, I'm finding that I'm impressed by a lot of the artwork that the "Bronies" have been churning out over at EQD. Some of it is quite creepy and I'm sure will give me pony nightmares, but some is pretty great.

This is my personal favorite at the moment:

I'm loving the awesomeness of pony-fying the periodic table. I spent so many late nights working with that thing in college while studying biochemistry. I'm pretty sure if I would have had this to refer to, the work would have been far less tedious. This product of win was created by MetalGearSamus over at Deviantart. I love the original idea and execution. Bravo MetalGearSamus!

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Buddhagan said...

This is awesome!! 2 of my loves (science & MLP) combined.