Monday, March 12, 2012

MY LITTLE PONY meets Stormtroopers?

It may seem like a strange pairing, but the MY LITTLE PONY Fair welcomes the help of the 501st Legion for this year’s event.  Volunteers from this charitable organization will be helping to run events and games during the convention. In exchange, the MY LITTLE PONY Fair will be providing a table for the 501st Legion to promote and raise awareness about their organization.  

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Thomas Spanos said...

Good afternoon,

For clarity, the 501st Legion is not a "charitable organization." That would imply we handle funds and have a special tax consideration. Rather, we are an international costuming group, 6000 strong, with a strong desire to assist charity measures in any way possible.

I wish you great success with your event.
The Pony Trooper is darling.

Be well,
Thomas Spanos
501st Legion Member SL1876