Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Little Pony Performance Art

Dennis Verbeke, who studies fine arts at Gerrit Reitveld University  in Amsterdam, has created a performance art  piece that he calls “Pony Performance.” It includes an original soundtrack, special lighting design, and 212 My Little Pony toys.  He sits on a lighted platform surrounded by the ponies and gingerly picks them up, examines them, and brushes their rainbow colored locks with a tiny star shaped brush.
At this point, I feel it necessary to add that I know little to nothing of performance art other than every time I have experienced it, it makes me feel utterly confused. I’m never sure how I should react.  Should I read into it to discover its deeper hidden truths or should I giggle at its absurdity?...( I usually remove myself from its proximity as soon as possible lest the giggling wins out and I look like a judgmental ass.)  
So I’m watching this clip of “Pony Performance” trying to keep an open mind and I’m wondering, “Should I ponder the greater meaning of the pony selection?” and “Does the direction and frequency of the brushing of the pony hair actually have some significance?”  I continue to watch the full four minute clip and am kind of impressed by the thought and effort that went into this piece. Upon reading a few of Mr. Verbeke’s blog entries it becomes evident that he did not amass a sizable collection for use solely in his performance, but that his performance was instead inspired by his collection.
If I told you I understood what was at the heart of “Pony Performance” I’d be lying, but I do think it is pretty great that this artist was able to create something out of something he loves.
Dennis Verbeke is raising money through a crowd fundraising website to help cover his costs to perform his “Pony Performance” in August 2012 in Stockholm.


Cayci said...

Where on earth did you find this? My jaw was dropped so long a bug could have flown in.

Bee-chan said...

Hi Summer!
Would you happen to have a physical link to the clip you're talking about? My Blackberry might not be showing any embedded video at the moment if it isn't from Youtube. ^^;

But that video actually sounds interesting! A performance piece based off of something the artist loves is fantastic, it's like he's showing his viewers a true part of his heart.


Summer said...

Cayci- he actually contacted me wanting to know if the MLP Fair would want to donate/sponsor his trip to Stockholm. :)

Bee-Chan- Here is the actual youtube link:

Rachel said...

I don't have the credentials to properly appreciate modern art. Does the version of Toxic as a song choice mean something? Is he making a statement about childhood? Ponies? The political climate of the 1980s? I just don't know.

I suppose, though, if someone wanted to pay me to sit surrounded by my collection--I might. But chances are I'd be nervously laughing the whole time. :)