Tuesday, March 6, 2018

My Little Piece of the Rainbow

Over the past month, we've opened our home to several friends (who also happen to be fellow collectors) from various parts of the world and across the country. Knowing that all these guests would need a place to stay, I was motivated to finally unpack the spare bedroom where much of my collection has been waiting in boxes since we moved in late 2016.

I decided to focus solely on my G1 collection for display to avoid the Ponyroom chaos that plagued me at our last home. Having items stacked to the ceiling and filling every available space was not something that appeals to me. I envisioned an area that I could relax in and enjoy while still being a little piece of the My Little Pony rainbow.

All other generations, aside from G1, got banished to storage.

I'm happy with how it turned out and how it adheres to my less is more approach to living... even if that means I still have an entire loft of My Little Pony toys.

I enjoy looking at the collections of others and I hope that you enjoy a glimpse into mine.

-Summer Hayes

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