Friday, September 14, 2012

Pony Meets and Crazy Collections!

I'm heading to Lexington, Kentucky in the morning to meet with some fellow pony collectors. I've known most of them for years and it is always nice to get together. Plus, they are pretty serious collectors so it is always nice to swap stories and information. I don't expect to make any purchases, but I am bringing quite a few Venezuelan ponies to share... and a couple MIB that will be available to buy or possibly trade. I'm also bringing my stash of Princess Pony accessories since I have loads of them and I could use some help verifying that I have everything attributed to the correct Princess before I offload the dozens of extra wands, hats, glitter picks, and metallic ribbons that I've been holding on to for ages. I'm worried that I'll accidentally sell a variant accessory that I actually need so they just accumulate.


Also, I'm currently loving Jordan Hembrough's show, Toy Hunter, on the Travel channel and Collection Intervention on Syfy. If you are a toy collector I recommend checking them out. At first I was a little weirded out by the Collection Intervention show because some of the collectors are really "hoardy"  about their collections, like they have everything piled up in boxes in their garages or strewn all over their house and everything is dirty and dusty. I do like how they emphasize display of the collections though.

I really should upload some photos of my current collection. I have a ton of pieces, but they are nicely displayed. Although, at the current time, with the amount of items I'm adding due to the G4 line, I'm debating if I should expand my display space or downsize my collection. I refuse to be one of those "piles of stuff in the corner" type of collectors. Ponies belong in the ponyroom not on the bathroom counter... unless they have recently been washed and are drying.

Do you have designated space for your collection in your home  (like a ponyroom) or is your place a Pony free for all?


Bee-chan said...

Ponies stay in my room / studio. As I'm currently staying at Dad's house till I can afford to move out next year, they HAVE to stay in my area, or I risk them being touched by others who shouldn't be touching them. And really, as much as I love displaying my ponies, they don't have a place in decorating the whole house.


Cazlpu2 said...

My whole attic is dedicated to my little pony there all out and displayed on there playsets or in cabinets

Cazlpu2 said...

My whole attic is dedicated to my little pony there all out and displayed on there playsets or in cabinets

Cazlpu2 said...

My whole attic is dedicated to my little pony. There all displayed on there playsets or in glass cabinets. Would hate to keep them in boxes not to be seen.

dannyscotland said...

I don't have a huge collection of ponies but what I do have was living in my craft room closet on some shelves in there; the closet door actually has windows in it (for some reason previous owners used an exterior door). But then my daughter saw them and now she is happily playing with them (all but my most favorite ones). I'm happy that they are being loved. None of them are super rare or particularly "mint" so I have no qualms about letting her play with them.

Unknown said...

Rad! I have never seen that show but American Pickers is cool but I wish it had more pony!