Saturday, February 11, 2012

WHITE Celestia and other Fan Favorite Ponies to hit TRU!

My Little Pony on Facebook just posted some awesome new pictures of upcoming products. I guess Hasbro has kept tabs on all the collectors and Bronies begging for toys of some of their favorite pony characters. They are supposed to be Toys R Us exclusive.

I guess if Hasbro keeps this trend up of releasing background characters, Bronies can start to reproduce episodes scene by scene using toys like the Star Wars fans have done. Where they get the time to do these things is a mystery. :p


Anonymous said...

So glad they made a white Celestia.

Michelle said...

PRAISE CELESTIA, we finally have a white one?!? 'Bout bloody time. O_O I already have the little pink McDonald's toy...both white and pink versions of her on my bed sheets...and a lovely show-accurate image of her and Twilight on my fleece throw blanket. =]