Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Pony Hook Up (or Lack of)

I realized today that it has been ages since I went on a "pony hunt". If you aren't familiar with this activity, it basically consists of scouting out flea markets, yard sales, and thrift stores for My Little Ponies. In the past, I have documented my more bizarre pony hunting moments. Oddly enough, pony collecting generates some interesting stories and experiences.

It is certain that my free time is more limited now, but even if time wasn't an issue I wonder if I'd still be eager to dig through bins of grubby toys, haggle over the price of a TE Quackers, or save a smoozed Peachy because she was priced at a quarter.

After I completed my US pony collection, I think I may have lost a bit of the "crazy" related to collecting. Don't get me wrong, I'm still thrilled to find a missing princess crown clip or swirl shell, but I know the odds of finding accessories while pony hunting are even more of a rarity than finding an actual pony. I suppose I don't think it is worth the effort of driving around and coming home empty handed when there are other things to do with my day. I'm all about the ease of eBAY or purchasing directly from other collectors. Plus, I love the fact that whatever I end up purchasing ends up in my mailbox.

I also think I've been a bit spoiled by the annual My Little Pony Fair and the endless pony items available for purchase from the vendors. After experiencing the Fair, it is hard to get excited about a dirty Sundance hiding in a box of McDonald's toys.

Maybe someday I'll come across another $2 Mimic, but for now, I'm happy to pay a bit more for convenience.


Liz said...

I share your sentiments. Either there's stiff competition locally, or I just haven't had any luck, but I have a G3 collection and odds are if I go looking all I get is ratty McDonalds ponys or another half dozen Pinkie Pies.
The only place that I'm a real shopping commando is for the NEW items. I fell in love with FiM and I will and HAVE driven across town for a significant sale. I do love the thrill of finding something on sale at a big markdown and filling my basket.
Though it's still hard to beat the thrill of an unexpected treasure in a thrift store bin.

Buddhagan said...

I'm not really into the FiM line but there are a few G3s that I need to complete my collection. Time to scour eBay again or maybe I'll get lucky at the MLP Fair this year!