Sunday, July 17, 2011

Let's Play Dress Up!

In past years, when people came dressed up in wild pony-themed costumes during the My Little Pony Fair, they may have received a funny look. However, the fair staff embraced the trend this year and introduced our first ever My Little Pony costume contest. Participants dressed in pony inspired outfits and walked the (very short) runway while "Equestria Girls" played through the sound system. It was definitely fun as costumes ranged from a pint sized Satin and Lace, to an Applejack with a light up mane, and Pinkie Pie complete with balloons. I think this may need to become a regular event. It was very entertaining!

And before anyone asks, I didn't participate. I was just a spectator!

Check out the photos below!

1 comment:

Sora said...

Please make it a regular event! It really added some richness to the con schedule.