Monday, May 16, 2011

My Little Pony Fair Forum and Updates!

The My Little Pony Fair  has a brand new discussion forum hosted by our friends at the MLP Arena. Stop by and introduce yourself as well as find a carpool or hotel roommate, advertise your sale items, or just chat about all things My Little Pony Fair: My Little Pony Fair 2011 Discussion Forum

Also, if you are wanting to order lunch for Saturday at the Fair, you will need to place your order by June 8th. Tickets can be purchased through our Eventbrite MLPFair Lunch Page.

If you have not yet visited the My Little Pony Fair website, check it out for event details and ticket purchasing information:

The Fair Staff recently heard back from Hasbro and we have been able to develop a rough schedule to help you plan your days for the MLP Fair. We should have details on the motor coach pick up and drop off times shortly as well as a detailed event schedule in the coming weeks. Rest assured there are some really awesome things up our sleeves this year!!


Bus pick up 1
Bus pick up 2
2-4 tour at Hasbro and shopping at Hasbro Toyshop.
Bus drop off 1
4-6 vendor set-up
Bus drop off 2
Dinner Break 4-6
Movie room reserved at the Renaissance Hotel for My Little Obsession screening.
(6:00-7:30) movie session 1
(7:30-9:00) movie session 2 (vendor group)

Bus pick up 1
8 vendor set-up
Bus pick up 2
9-5 Fair Main Day Events (selling, games, contests, classes, demos etc.)
Bus drop off 1
Bus drop off 2
Ice Cream Social 6-7 at Renaissance Hotel for Registered Hotel guests that have ice cream social tickets.

Can't wait to see you at the 2011 My Little Pony Fair in July!

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