Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Reviewing Billy The Unicorn

I was contacted earlier this week by San Francisco book publisher, Immedium, to review Billie The Unicorn by author Brianne Drouhard. The illustrations are wonderful (which is no shock since Brianne has worked as an animator on several cartoon network shows). The unicorns in the story have a slight resemblance to the My Little Pony characters in the new Friendship is Magic animated series. The central character,Billie, even wears a straw hat similar to Applejack. Brianne Drouhard spins a heartfelt tale of adventure, magic and whimsy that leaves you wanting more. Her beautiful illustrations transport you into a world you’ll want to visit again and again.

Billie The Unicorn will be available in hardback April 2011! For additional details about this charming book, visit http://www.immedium.com/products/billieunicorn.html

I also took a look at the author's website and she has a bunch of her drawings and concepts posted. I'm finding myself wondering what this talented author and illustrator will be working on next!


Niccole said...

Just curious, can you tell is it like a graphic novel or more like a picture book? It doesn't seem to be very long.

Summer said...

It is a picture book. :)