Monday, June 28, 2010

MLP Fair Virtual Events

I'm currently in the middle of my vacation, but wanted to take a minute to bring attention to two fabulous virtual My Little Pony Fair events in which even those who can't attend can participate.

Ponyroom Tour
Take a photo of your My Little Pony Collection or Ponyroom and send it via email to mlpfair @ along with your name (real name or board name is fine) and it will be played in our Ponyroom Tour slide show during the My Little Pony Fair. Go ahead and WOW us with your Pony collections!

Much like the internet sensation lolcats only with My Little Pony. Grab your favorite Pony and take a silly photo adding a caption in LOL speak and send it to mlpfair @ and it will be played in our LOL Ponies screen show.

Both attendees of the Fair and those who are unable to attend are welcome to submit photos for these virtual events.

Get snapping shutterbugs!

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