Wednesday, April 28, 2010

MLP Fair Needs Artists and Customizers!!

I’m working hard to get this year’s My Little Pony Fair planned and organized and I need your help. This year’s volunteer Fair Staff is small due to some needed reorganization, but we have many amazing collectors who have stepped up to man games, contests, and events. As July nears, it is clear we need a few more hands to make this event the best it can be! We are looking for a few interested people to fill the following roles:

Digital Artist/Graphic Designer
The Fair staff is in need of someone who can head up artwork to be used in promotion of this year’s My Little Pony Fair. Basically, this person will need to produce digital art and graphics (specifically ponies) to be used on things like banners, pamphlets, badges, and other items for the Fair. Pony templates will be provided. Even if you are not able to attend this year’s event, we’d still love your help if you are interested!

We have a few plans up our sleeves this year and need the talents of an experienced customizer (or customizers) to pull them off. I can’t share everything here as it is a secret, but if you are up for making 5 pony sized customs for a Fair display (supplies will be provided) please let me know if you are interested.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read. Remember, even if you aren’t able to attend the Fair this year we’d still love for you to be involved!

Please email if interested.

For more information on this year's Fair visit the Fair's 2010 website

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