Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Only Dreaming...

I don't typically remember my dreams, but had a pony-themed dream last night that was so ridiculous I have to share.

I go into a toy store and find G3 My Little Ponies that are packaged with alternant accessories and I feel frustrated that I already have all of these ponies, but still feel like I have to purchase them since the accessories are different. As I am pulling ponies from the shelves and placing them in my shopping cart, I notice that a carded G1 Applejack is also on the shelf and quickly grab her. Suddenly, the bottom shelf is full of G1 boxed and carded ponies and I start snatching them up. I turn around to a store employee who happens to have a scanner in her hand and ask her to price check one of the G1 ponies for me (apparently even in my sleep I am financially conscious). The pony rings up for $9.99 and upon hearing this I quickly turn back to the shelf and frantically begin snatching all the G1 ponies up and throwing them into my cart. Suddenly another woman walks up to the shelf and exclaims "They have the older ponies!" Upon hearing this I literally throw my body on top of the remaining ponies on the shelf to shield them from her, but the woman reaches under me and manages to pull a boxed Morning Glory Flutter pony from under me. I can't believe that she managed to grab this pony and am absolutely furious at her as I look into my overflowing cart of ponies that includes a boxed Cloud Puff Flutter Pony and a Lily Flutter Pony. Still, I'm dissapointed because one got away.

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