Thursday, October 18, 2007

Straw Curls for Dummies

I've been busy photographing ponies lately and while it is tedious task, I don't mind it terribly. I get to take the ponies off the shelves and give them a quick dusting and brushing (something I rarely have the time or motivation to do). Most ponies cooperate nicely. Their hair doesn't stick up and they stand on their own. Yet, every so often I will pull a pony off the shelf that needs more than dusting and I quickly add it to a separate rubbermaid tote. It is very much like the island of misfit toys, if the island was comprised solely of My Little Ponies with unruly hair and surface dirt... or something along those lines. I know that they will take minimal effort to style, re-pink, and clean, but I dread doing it. The Candy Cane Ponies and Rainbow Curl Ponies are currently awaiting new curls, and because of this:

I think it can be done. Major props to jupiterlilly for an awesome step by step pictorial straw curl tutorial. While I haven't yet attempted using her straw method yet, the results she posted look great.

Updated: It works with awesome results! Doesn't my Candy Cane look lovely?

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