Tuesday, August 7, 2007

2007 Fair Aquistions!

I snapped a few group shots of all the new pony items I brought home with me from the Memphis Fair. Included are UK Plush Honeycomb, a complete set of Mint on Card TAF Ponies, Licensing Show Rarity, Dream Beauties, Petites, Fair Exclusives, and a slew of accessories. I should be working today, but the new laptop I bought doesn't have Word loaded and my search for my Microsoft disks have proved unsuccessful thus far. Hopefully, my files will be recovered by the weekend and I'll be able to get Word and Adobe Photoshop up and running again.


Cayci said...

Congrats on the awards! I couldn't go this year. Do you have pictures of the plushies you make?

SweetTune said...

I took pictures of all of them before I left for the Fair, but they were uploaded to my computer that is being ridiculous. Hopefully I'll be able to retrieve them. I have a picture of the three with their ribbons at the Fair still on my camera. SpottedSlug bought my plush Bubbles, and PhyllieBean and Winged Fantasy bought "Memphis" my Elvis plush.