Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mission: Organization

I just returned from my vacation where I spent time basking in the Florida sunshine but was greeted with snow and bitter cold upon my arrival home. It was a lovely trip full of beach reading, swimming, and walking along the shoreline.

Now that I'm home and it is officially the start of my new year, I have a series of To-Do lists that need to be acknowledged. The first and most pressing item is tackling the mess that is my office. I spent the whole of yesterday sorting, filing, and organizing. It is almost finished and I owe it all to this:

Seriously. I picked up one of these labelers while I was Office Depot replacing my 10 year old 3 in 1 printer that died a slow and painful death, and it has provided me with new found motivation to sort and organize. Plus, I picked up some fun pink labeling tape that I'll be using to label all of my individual pony accessory bags. The possibilities are endless!

I had a bunch of loose MLP Fair Promo cards and Friendship is Magic giveaway items that needed a home so I placed them in some plastic storage drawers and slapped on a label and now it brings a smile to my face just looking at them all neatly organized in their new home. It's the little things right?
If you look to the right, you can see one of the floral wall murals that will soon be no more. I just need to commit to a paint color. Suggestions?

I realize that this whole, "It's a new year and I'm going to get organized" thing is cliche, but if you had seen my office a few days ago, I'm pretty sure you would have suggested I hop aboard the organization bandwagon. So with my new P-touch labeler in one hand, and my to-do lists in the other, I say, "Bring it 2012."

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